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Our last group of beautiful ladies from the Graceful Warrior Training!

Our last group of beautiful ladies from the Graceful Warrior Training!


Graceful Warriors are balanced women who are dedicated to the empowered practice of choice. We take responsibility for our inner and outer landscape of our lives.  We know how to listen to our true answers, and can take action needed to back them.  We hold healthy boundaries with grace.  We practice how to respond instead of react, and find compassion instead of criticism.  We embrace our emotions as vital information, and use them as doorways of introspection that inform our missions of action, service, and love.  With the support of each other, we are a network of strong women who lead our children, partners, families, and communities into greater wholeness and peace….with the grace and power that is….. Graceful Warrior.



Graceful Warrior exists to inspire, challenge, and uplift the human experience with self-realized empowerment, and celebrates the awareness and practice of choice.


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It has been quite a journey of discovery since starting Graceful Warrior in May of 2011.  I had a personal desire to be more connected to what could be considered more 'masculine' themes…  Power, Accountability, Boundaries... These were words I ‘knew’, but I wanted more, a lot more... So many times in personal work environments I would hear, "Find your power!  Make good choices!  Live with integrity!  Have good boundaries!"  Yes, I wanted those things.... but I was left with a resounding... "How… do I get better at these… exactly...?" 

How indeed.  It became clear that I was not alone in this question and I found amazing women in my world who wanted to go deeper here too.  So we have been uncovering the layers of what it means to be ‘empowered’... what does it take?  We found we had to truly honor and explore our emotions as gateways to the needs inside us, and be dedicated to staying awake to taking care of ourselves, inside and out moment to moment, in order to make the choices and right actions that enhance our lives. 

So from this place, we as Graceful Warriors begin our daily practice.  We practice what it means to each of us to live a ‘balanced’ life, practice using our authentic voice to speak with integrity, practice holding good boundaries with ourselves and others, practice what it feels like to have a relationship with our own power (truth with vulnerability), and practice making solid decisions so we can live our lives abundantly with compassion, courage, curiosity, and clarity.   It takes a warrior to live consistently and show up with true wisdom and grace.         -  Kaia True - Founder of Graceful Warrior



Get one-on-one concentrated support to find what is ready to move and grow, and what your next step truly is.  Remove illusions that are in your way of you living your life with ease and purpose.  We will co-create a plan that will guide you through the process of finding the right goals and the right direction for your energy.... at the right pace.  Feel the satisfaction of successfully making lasting changes in what you want for your life. 

Life is about timing. Not every day are we ready to grow.  But some days…. we are.  It’s about feeling ready.  We may not even know for what, or why.  We can sense that something is ready to move.  Then, it is all about action.

Life Coaching can take many forms....  Support is different for each individual, and I enjoy finding the right amounts of compassion and edge to support growth.  I stay present and listen to what is current, and then craft what we want from the session. is about finding what it is that you really want.... and figuring out how to get it.  The path from A to B is our journey together.  

My job and honor as a life coach is to listen to all that is going on in your world inside and out, and connect the threads that help you to find the clarity you want and need.  When we make sense of why things are the way they are, we can then use that as a springboard to define the conscious, healthy, lasting change you want. 

With that as our foundation, we figure out how to make it happen.  Together, we will co-create a plan that gets you where you want to go.  When you have a specific intention, and pair it with dedicated self-accountability, along with good pacing and support... you will get there.



•  Women who are balanced and authentic.

•  Women who use their voice in an intentional, direct, powerful way, that is congruent with our hearts, beliefs, desires and needs.

•  Women who are compassionate, courageous, curious, and clear.

•  Women who know how to love themselves, and in turn, can love others more deeply.

•  Women who are accountable to what they intentionally say they are going to do.

•  Women who know, and can ask, for what they want.

•  Women who take responsibility for their emotions, and their experience.

•  Women who practice healthy energetic boundaries. They hold their ground in difficult situations.

•  Women who are not afraid to take action, even though they may make mistakes, because they know how to support themselves well without harsh criticism.

•  Women who can support others, without rescuing or enabling.


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